Hi, I'm Kayson

and I study Computational Neuroscience while having fun with art and some other stuff.

In a nutshell, I study brains and how they produce cognition and behavior. I started with psychology focused on clinical psychology but after a few years of having fun with tons of psychological theories, I slowly drifted towards biological explanations instead. I then started my graduate studies in neuroscience and learned about animal behaviors, biological complexity, and so-called "wet neuroscience". During that time I found myself interested in the evolutionary perspectives and "ultimate causes" of the behavior but again, to have solid stuff on my hands I shifted my perspective from neuronal implementations to the computational problems that the brain tries to solve and the algorithms it uses. Currently, I'm learning about machine learning, evolutionary algorithms, multi-agent systems, complex networks, and game theory. My hope is to be able to explain causal interactions in a biological system (in this case, the brain) using these tools.

Along with science, I have a keen interest in the philosophy of science and mind, politics, and history. Because I mean, aren't they fun?